Glide | Bowling Ball Polish (32oz)


  • 7 ounce Bottles of Glide can be found HERE
  • Leaves a 5,000 polished surface, producing a mirror-like finish
  • Great for all types of surfaces including plastic
  • Creates an additional 4’ to 8’ in length when applied on all cover stocks. It is polymer based, and puts a protective shield on your ball, extending the life of your equipment.
  • Lane oils and dirt will not penetrate the surface
  • Keeps ball in play longer on dryer conditions
  • Predictable ball reaction
  • Removes lane oil, belt marks, dirt, and grime
  • APPLICATION : By hand or by spinner
  • IMPORTANT : Before applying Glide, you must first clean your ball with Renew It to get maximum effect. Can only be removed with Hook-It Surface Pro 2000, Liquid Sandpaper, or using sandpaper, by hand or spinner.
  • USBC Approved Before / After
  • Available in 7 and 32 oz bottle